Both Barnstaple and Exeter clinics are now open.

COVID-19 TESTING is currently available for occupational requirements (including travel for work) and for holidays. We are also offering tests within the 72-hour window (depending on day of departure day, and location within Devon). NB: we do not test patients who think they have Covid-19 or cannot get an NHS test. Please read your destination PCR requirements carefully before booking flights. Click here for more information

Flu Vaccine: We are no longer taking bookings for influenza vaccine due to a huge increase in demand. We would kindly ask that you do not ring/email about flu vaccine availability at the moment, but keep an eye on our website for updates.,c_crop,w_1080,q_80,g_center,g_faces/misc/default-featured.jpg

Coronavirus Covid-19

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office currently advises against all but essential international travel. No doubt this will have caused significant disruption to your forthcoming travel plans. Be encouraged - this restriction will be temporary and we expect that overseas travel will continue again in the summer. I have no doubt, we will all be needing some sunshine and a break from this unfolding saga. So, in the meantime, perhaps consider using this pause to put a bit more planning into that trip:

  1. Check you have all the right healthcare information for your chosen destination
  2. Ensure you have any antimalarials and vaccinations required for the trip
  3. Check your insurance dates and cover
  4. Check what luggage you are planning to take with you
    1. Small medical kit
    2. Personal medicines
    3. Visa's and passports - are they still in date?
      1. Scan them and email them to yourself, so you have copy on-line
    4. A number of different ways of obtaining money
    5. Sun cream, insect repellent, soap and a nail-brush
  5. Check the destination country - are there any healthcare restrictions or ongoing issues?

For those travelling for longer:

  1. Revisit your trip itinerary. Is everything still in place:
    1. Transport
    2. Accommodation
    3. Activities

And finally, ask yourself the 'what if..?' questions:

  1. What if things don't go to plan whilst I'm away
    1. Contact details for insurance and next-of-kin
    2. What local healthcare facilities are there?
    3. What if I loose my wallet or passport
      1. Always have US$100 hidden somewhere. This is an emergency fund that you should aim to bring back. It is not for sending on souvenirs
    4. Communication - have you got a phone that accepts local SIM cards?

It looks like we are all going to have plenty of time on our hands in the forthcoming months. Lets use this time wisely to plan an even more awesome adventure than before.