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Shingles is an illness caused by the Varicella Zoster (chickenpox) virus.

How it is caught?

Strictly speaking it isn’t caught. After having chickenpox as a child the virus hides in a nerve. As the immune system declines in later years, the virus is able to reoccur and becomes visible in the area of the body linked to the nerve where it was hiding.

What does it do?

Shingles causes an intensely painful rash, along with headache, photophobia, and sometimes fever.

Can it be treated?

Shingles can be treated with antivirals if started within 72 hours of the start of the illness.

Where is it?


How is it prevented? 

Vaccine. The vaccine reduces the incidence of shingles by approximately 50% and post-herpetic neuralgia by 65%.

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