COVID-19 TESTING is currently available for work or travel requirements. Click here for more PCR test information

The Exeter Travel Clinic (and our Barnstaple site) remain open, but currently not at weekends. Any specific test enquiries should be emailed:

Our covid-19 PCR testing is undertaken by trained, medical professionals and processed by a local laboratory.

Our samples are couriered to the laboratory each day. The samples are then processed and the results are normally back by midnight of the following day. If the results come back after working hours, they will be emailed to you on the morning of the next working day.

Why do Covid tests cost so much?

All healthcare professionals require extra certification to provide PCR testing services. This accreditation is hugely expensive and unfortunately, unavoidable.

Please note: we are not part of either the test-to-release scheme, or the day 2 and 8 return home scheme

Influenza vaccine - We do not currently have stocks of nasal flu vaccine for children,c_crop,w_1080,q_80,g_center,g_faces/misc/default-featured.jpgVaccines for Children icon

Vaccines for Children

The Exeter Travel Clinic is able to provide a range of children’s vaccines.

Our aim is to reduce the stress and discomfort involved in vaccinating your precious child. All our staff are qualified and experienced in providing vaccinations for children and, thanks to their skill and professionalism, we have a reputation for turning stressful situations into happy ones.

* Price is per dose, several doses may be required as part of a course.
Preparing your child for a vaccine
Paracetamol and ibuprofen pre-vaccination

It is not unusual for vaccines to cause a mild temperature. For most vaccinations we would advise against giving them paracetamol before coming in.The only exception to this is if your child is having the Meningitis B vaccination, when a dose of paracetamol 1 hour before the vaccine is recommended.