CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR PCR TESTING - Due to laboratory restraints, we're not doing any and will start testing again during the first week of January

COVID-19 TESTING is currently available for work or travel requirements. Click here for more PCR test information

Our covid-19 PCR testing is undertaken by trained, medical professionals and processed by a local laboratory within 36-48 hours.

Our samples are couriered to the laboratory each day. The samples are then processed and the results are normally back by midnight of the following day. If the results come back after working hours, they will be emailed to you on the morning of the next working day.

Why do Covid tests cost so much?

All legitimate healthcare establishments providing PCR testing services require UKAS certification. This accreditation is hugely expensive, very complicated and unfortunately, unavoidable.

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The Exeter and Barnstaple Travel Clinics provide vaccines, anti-malarial tablets, travel health merchandise and advice to ensure you stay fit and healthy whilst overseas.

Being specialists in vaccinations, the clinic also provides a wide range of other vaccines, many of which are not available through the NHS.