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Travel Medicine, Expedition First-Aid Training, Travel Risk Assessment

Courses for all your needs

The Exeter Travel Clinic staff have a significant amount of experience, knowledge and understanding of all things related to travel health.

Travel Medicine Training

Training and updates are available to GP Practice Nurses responsible for delivering travel medicine services within their GP practices. Training is bespoke and tailored to the needs of the students.

Expedition and travel first-aid training 

Phoenix Expedition Medicine (a sister company to the Exeter Travel Clinic) can deliver high-quality first-aid training for those venturing overseas 

Training is provided by Clinic Director James Moore, who as an Editor and author of the Oxford Handbook in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (, and Director of the International Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (, is at the forefront of UK expedition medicine. 

Travel Risk Assessment

Some trips overseas require a little more planning, and the Exeter Travel Clinic are well placed to be able to support these ventures. Working with you, we can advise on strategies to ensure individuals and groups remain safe whilst overseas.