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Mosquito Nets

We sell a couple of different single and double compact options from Pyramid and Lifesystems ranges. Talk to our nurse for the best options for you.

The MicroNet from Lifesystems, is designed for compactness and versatility. Using the unique integrated ‘QuickHang System’, the MicroNet can be positioned and hung in a matter of seconds. The spreader bar ensures that the net hangs away from the body, improving protection and ensuring good airflow. The nylon skirt protects the mesh when folding the net under a mattress.

The Compact Net is the most lightweight net from the Pyramid range. The Compact Net is suitable for beds or tents with a single hanging point. The net is available in both single and double sizes.

  • Lightweight making it easier for transportation
  • Ideal for backpackers and those travelling light
  • Quick and easy to pack away
  • Treated with Fabric Impregnation

Prices range depending on size. 

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