Met Office, Streetwise Travel

The-Met-Office.jpgThe Exeter Travel Clinic have recently been involved in working with The Met Office, providing advise and guidance on the specialized topic of “Streetwise Travel”. The short course was designed specifically to enhance skills in preparation for busness travel and avoiding or addressing certain problems whilst away.

Met Office staff discussed the importance of the individual and team approach to travel health, highlighting what precautions should be taken in order to look out for each other.

The course stressed the importance of planning work related travel, such as ensuring adequate communication links, helpful routines and plans in case of emergencies. It also questioned what risks may be faced by the individual, for instance, are there any human or environmental risks specific to that trip, or whether the food and drinks available are safe for consumption?

Oft ignored issues of business travel were covered, such as culture shock - rarely expected but often experienced. Finally the teamed discussed previous personal incidents and gave feedback on what went wrong and how they would avoid these issues in the future.

Without question the course helped raise awareness of what issues may be faced as a business traveller, and the importance of team relationships, which are crucial when travelling and working abroad.