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Yellow Fever

Spread by mosquitos

Yellow Fever Certificate International Health Regulations dictate that Yellow Fever certificates are sometimes required when entering a country. Some countries require proof of vaccination in the last 10 years, others will accept older certificates. Certificate requirements will be dependent on the countries visited and the order in which you visit them. Yellow fever is a live vaccine and therefore not suitable for a small group people.

What is it?

Yellow fever is a Flaviviridaevirus, found in humans and monkeys.

How it is caught?

It is spread primarily by the aedes Egypti mosquito that bites during the day.

What does it do?

In most cases it causes fever, headache, chills, back pain tiredness, nausea and vomiting. In sever cases it causes jaundice, and internal bleeding.

Where is it?

Yellow Fever is found in parts of Africa and South America.

How is it prevented?

Protect yourself against mosquitoes.

The Yellow Fever vaccine is a single injection, and in most individuals will last for life.


When working out if you require a Yellow Fever vaccine there are two main questions:

  1. Are you at risk of Yellow Fever?
  2. Do you require a certificate?

    1. Some countries do not require a certificate
    2. Some countries will require a certificate only if you enter from a country with Yellow Fever
    3. Some countries require a certificate irrespective of where you come from

Our clinic staff will work this out based on your itinerary and risk

A single injection
Provides cover for life

This single injection
will cost from



Where can Yellow Fever be found across the globe?

Estimated global prevalence of Yellow Fever among adults.

  • No Data 0%
  • Low 0%
  • Intermediate 0%
  • High 0%
  • Very High 0%
Each injection comes with an International Health Regulations (IHR) certificate.
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